Working at Acato

As of 1 September, we are looking for fun, flexible teachers and lovely tutors to strengthen our team.
At Acato, pupils receive education, yet it is not a school. Almost all of our pupils have a form of autism. They learn in their own way and learn things that they find important. Sometimes learning consists of playing a game, making a beautiful painting or working on a project of their own. Quietly reading a book in a corner is also possible. At Acato we adapt to the pupil.

Authorised teachers

A teacher or counsellor at Acato is creative, patient and friendly. He or she understands what is needed and has some experience with young people with autism.
He or she works independently on a freelance basis and brings in his or her own expertise.
The creativity that we expect at Acato can be expressed in many areas: drawing, design, music, cooking, technique or movement.
We are looking for people for the following subjects: technique (practical electrical engineering), computer programming, biology, chemistry or physics, avo and french.


At Acato we are always looking for volunteers or interns. We reimburse travel expenses and a volunteer or internship allowance is among the possibilities.
Volunteers/trainees help in the classroom, assist with homework, help with drawing/painting lessons or join in with games.
Furthermore, everyone in the team contributes to a tidy school and a pleasant atmosphere. We eat, sometimes bake and cook with the pupils. We clear away the dirty cups and plates together and take turns doing the washing up.

Employees at Acato must be in possession of a Certificate of Good Conduct. 

Interested parties can mail to: