We were asked what Acato means to us... Well... a whole life changed for your child and therefore for yourself. How I've seen my own child change from a rebellious, sometimes almost unmanageable, unhappy and bored child to a child who wants to discover the world again, wants to be happy and is increasingly so, comes up with all sorts of great ideas and wants to carry them out and learn for them, she dives completely into her creativity again and feels herself again, makes her own appointments and discusses what is necessary at Acato and even dares to take the metro on her own.
I never expected to see so much change in my child in such a short time. She is now a child who can be proud of herself and is increasingly so. And of course I am very proud of her!
What a difference it makes when a child has the feeling to be a human being with its own responsibility, with its own thoughts and is allowed to put these into action, is allowed to live in its own freedom, yet is allowed to be together with others in its own way, is allowed to have the feeling that the world is open to you and can receive you with open arms. Because I look through my daughter's eyes and see the much more beautiful world that Acato brings her. And so she brings a piece of Acato home with her. And through that piece, so much more happiness and freedom.

All praise to Sas, who set this up and to all the staff who ensure that there is a safe haven for children and young people who have nowhere to go. Thank you so much!