Homeless Week


From 1 to 8 June, it is Home Sitters' Week

Also at our 'school' you find some wonderful home-sitters who are finding their place again.

We hope that more money, more expertise and, above all, more regulatory space will be created to give initiatives like ours the space they need. So that pupils no longer need to be 'school ready', but education can and may be truly appropriate.

We are proud of our pupils, and their parents, who bravely seek their own way, dare to take their time and shape their own learning path.

More information about this week and what is planned can be found on the website of Steunpunt Passend Onderwijs.


"You don't say no to a child sitting at home".

We have had a visit from Annonay Andersson. Besides being a child and youth psychologist, she is also an editor of the NIVOZ platform. For she wrote a very nice piece about her acquaintance with the dog Dot, but also about the impression Acato made on her. 

You can read the whole article here

Thank you Annonay!

NVA Autism Week 2018


From 31 March to 7 April, the NVA Autism Week 2018 will take place. The theme this year is 'Listening to autism'. In it, the Dutch Autism Association (NVA) asks for extra attention for the approximately 190,000 people with autism in our country.

The theme of the NVA Autism Week 2018 is Listening to autism. People with autism often know very well how to make the most of their talents and abilities - at school, for example, or in the workplace. They also often have beautiful, original stories to tell.

Check the website of Autism Week for more information, or the Autismenetwerk Zuid-Holland Zuid for events in the Rotterdam area. 

Logo autism week

I want an internship


Today we focused on job application skills. 

He would like to do an internship at a graphic agency. But how do you go about it? How do you present yourself?

Pupil at work with supervisor

Together with his tutor, Inge, Mustafa looks at what he can already do and what he would still like to learn. Together, they draw up new goals, make a map of his wishes and shape his CV.
Mustafa is a real artist, but as every artist experiences: it is exciting to really show your work. Together, they look for ways he can do that.
Mustafa would like to use his drawing skills and develop them further at a graphic design agency. An agency where he can do more than make coffee - although that would taste good too. He can work well on his own, but likes it when you confirm him when he has done something right or made something beautiful and correct him with a gentle, instructive hand when things should be done differently. He is curious and inquisitive - everything is fun until proven otherwise. 

Do you know a nice internship for Mustafa? 

I can do everything, except what I can still learn


Rotterdam - Last week, Derek Otte, the city poet of Rotterdam, donated a line of poetry to Acato. The line is from a poem that Derek wrote for the Education Parade.

"I can do everything, except what I can still learn." A saying that fits the young people who attend Acato like no other. The pupils of Acato can do anything, because the urge and talent to create comes from within. But there is always something to learn so that the talent gets the chance to develop further.

Acato is a school for young people with a form of autism. It is a very small school with a lot of attention for the individual. For the pupils of Acato, regular education is not an option because schools are often too busy. Moreover, the pace there is fixed and many things have to be finished at the same time.

At Acato, everything goes at a pace determined by the pupils themselves. The type of lessons, content and form are also determined by the pupils themselves. That is why the range of lessons grows with each new enrolled pupil. There are many lessons to be followed in the field of visual arts. Some pupils also learn for exams. And there are lessons in digital drawing, computer programming and costume sewing.

Last Friday, Derek Otte personally screwed his line of poetry to the facade of the school. Derek feels connected to Acato. "Because," he said during the small ceremony, "my education was not easy either. What I am good at comes from me. I didn't learn that at school." So he did not have to think long when he was asked to donate his line of poetry to the school. He thinks it is the nicest way to see his work. Derek hopes to be able to do something for Acato in the future.

Acato is part of the Bloemfleur Foundation.

Published in De Havenloods.

Finally happy to go to school!


Sas Boot founded Acato for her daughter with autism. It is not often that parents do this for their children, who often have nowhere to go to school. At Acato, there is room for more children like Sas' daughter. AD Rotterdam came to visit and wrote a nice article.

Photo by AD Rotterdam

We have started again!


The first weeks are over. Apart from a number of familiar lessons, new lessons have also started. Most students now receive photography lessons from Susannah Burnette and on Thursday there is a nutrition lesson. Yesterday, during this lesson we went shopping and made a salad. A tasty, cozy and healthy lesson.

Also the havo lessons in biology and mathematics have started & of course there is still a lot of (digital) drawing going on!