Miranda Tap

My name is Miranda Tap, I am 45 years old and a mother of 3 wonderful teenagers. At Acato I teach mathematics and I work with Blender (a 3-dimensional drawing programme). From the first moment I entered Acato, I felt very welcome and at home. The conversations with pupils and supervisors about the most diverse subjects, the new insights both from them and from me, it makes me happy. After a career in regular education, I have consciously chosen to focus on those pupils who (threaten to) drop out of education. It is a very undervalued group of 'misfits', while precisely these 'misfits' have brought so much to the world. The world will not move forward if everyone does what they are supposed to do and there is no room for the odd one out. 
Furthermore, I have a very creative and curious mind, so I like to take up all kinds of projects. Both at home and at Acato.