News from the classroom

I want an internship


Today we focused on job application skills. 

He would like to do an internship at a graphic agency. But how do you go about it? How do you present yourself?

Pupil at work with supervisor

Together with his tutor, Inge, Mustafa looks at what he can already do and what he would still like to learn. Together, they draw up new goals, make a map of his wishes and shape his CV.
Mustafa is a real artist, but as every artist experiences: it is exciting to really show your work. Together, they look for ways he can do that.
Mustafa would like to use his drawing skills and develop them further at a graphic design agency. An agency where he can do more than make coffee - although that would taste good too. He can work well on his own, but likes it when you confirm him when he has done something right or made something beautiful and correct him with a gentle, instructive hand when things should be done differently. He is curious and inquisitive - everything is fun until proven otherwise. 

Do you know a nice internship for Mustafa? 

We have started again!


The first weeks are over. Apart from a number of familiar lessons, new lessons have also started. Most students now receive photography lessons from Susannah Burnette and on Thursday there is a nutrition lesson. Yesterday, during this lesson we went shopping and made a salad. A tasty, cozy and healthy lesson.

Also the havo lessons in biology and mathematics have started & of course there is still a lot of (digital) drawing going on!