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Homeless Week


From 1 to 8 June, it is Home Sitters' Week

Also at our 'school' you find some wonderful home-sitters who are finding their place again.

We hope that more money, more expertise and, above all, more regulatory space will be created to give initiatives like ours the space they need. So that pupils no longer need to be 'school ready', but education can and may be truly appropriate.

We are proud of our pupils, and their parents, who bravely seek their own way, dare to take their time and shape their own learning path.

More information about this week and what is planned can be found on the website of Steunpunt Passend Onderwijs.


"You don't say no to a child sitting at home".

We have had a visit from Annonay Andersson. Besides being a child and youth psychologist, she is also an editor of the NIVOZ platform. For she wrote a very nice piece about her acquaintance with the dog Dot, but also about the impression Acato made on her. 

You can read the whole article here

Thank you Annonay!

NVA Autism Week 2018


From 31 March to 7 April, the NVA Autism Week 2018 will take place. The theme this year is 'Listening to autism'. In it, the Dutch Autism Association (NVA) asks for extra attention for the approximately 190,000 people with autism in our country.

The theme of the NVA Autism Week 2018 is Listening to autism. People with autism often know very well how to make the most of their talents and abilities - at school, for example, or in the workplace. They also often have beautiful, original stories to tell.

Check the website of Autism Week for more information, or the Autismenetwerk Zuid-Holland Zuid for events in the Rotterdam area. 

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