The guidance is provided by people with different backgrounds. Everyone has a creative education as a basis. Various volunteers are active in the project. 

Marion Daniels

"I find it very beautiful to see how pupils grow and blossom when they have created something themselves." 

Susannah Burnette

"Working together is important to me, everyone has a part, a role and a meaning."

Inge Chip

"I think it's cool to explore with others what you can still learn and how you can learn it." 

Elles Veldhoen

"We have a lot of fun together. I try to make the Dutch lesson like a theatre play."

Aad Meijer

"Good mutual contact and trust, based on equality, is a prerequisite for me."

"The most beautiful moments are when we have contact about what is on their minds.

"I try to find a new challenge with each pupil."

Roel Gremmer

"I find satisfaction when I can help someone become themselves."

Michel Wieggers

"Drawing and subjects from biology play a central role for me."

Jose Gelens

"Providing structure, autonomy and neutrality are important to me."

Willem van Dijk

"I am increasing my independence in the field of cooking and baking."