The school of your life!

Invitation to an evening of reflection on a school for all

What does a school for all look like? A school where everyone is welcome and everyone can learn? The events of last year surrounding the closure of the 18-unit Acato, a school for children with autism, provide starting points for the table discussions. Conversations about what an ideal school could look like, but also conversations about how Acato is doing now and how things are going with those who were absent then and now. We would like to offer parents, interested parties, professionals and politicians the opportunity to talk to each other (again) and take stock (in between). We would like to welcome you in Studio De Bakkerij. While enjoying a snack and a drink, of course. During this evening, Marjet van Houten (Movisie) will present the first copies of the book 'The Acato Affair, Love and Air, the Basis for Good Education' to Carry van Roozemond (director of Ingrado) and Peter Kwint (SP MP). At the end of the evening there will be a small market where products made by the pupils of Acato can be bought and of course the book De Acato Affaire will be available. The proceeds of the evening will go to Acato. The programme is as follows: 18.00 entry 18.30 - 18.45 introduction by Marjet van Houten and a parent/student 18.45 - 19.45 Soup with bread & table discussions led by Marjet van Houten and Barbara Maaswinkel 20.00 - 20.30 summaries table discussions 20.30 connecting: presentation book The Acato Affair, love and air: the basis for good education 21.00 - 22.00 drinks + market Because of the space in the room and the refreshments, we would like to receive a sign-up if you will be there!